Battlefield Live - Laser Games for Sussex

XBox, Playstation and Nintendo games - NOW PLAY them LIVE in the FLESH - ENLIST NOW!

You got to be fast, your kitted up with weapons and sensors attached to you and your gun, your running as well as aiming through a telescopic scope as you shoot laser precision beams of light.

Bang, they flash red for three seconds to register a hit!!

The weapons have great gunshot sound effects and muzzle-flash light effects!

When a player runs out of lives their gun deactivates! A Sensor shines red so you know there's no cheating.

Your weapon is always loaded and ready to fire. No heavy kit to carry, no sweaty masks, just camo up and get going!

You have infra-red sensors on your hat and your gun that detect any beam fired directly at you.

Unlimited ammo and extra lives means no hidden charges!

With a respawn (new lives) from the marshal game play resumes apace!

Weapons are pinpoint accurate in all weathers. No fogged up masks and a sweaty vest.

Its very safe, the red beam is the same as that on your TV remote control, really there are no lasers. You shoot an invisible beam of light.

There are 3 weapons to choose from the Spitfire, The Commando and the Scorpion.

We have 3 fantastic Battlefields across Sussex that total over 200 acres in Littlehamton, Brighton and Eastbourne.

How good are you going to be!