Battlefield Live - Laser Games - Littlehampton, Sussex

Battlefield Live Littlehampton is based on the coast at Climping near Littlehampton, West Sussex on our own privately owned 60-acre site of woodland and open farmland. We are open for games 7 days week from 9am to 4pm. Evening games are also available from the beginning of May to the end of September from 5pm to 9pm. We welcome individuals, corporate groups, stag and hen parties.

To provide a quick starting point for your activities we have pre-formatted games to choose from across 4 woodland settings and 2 open field settings. In addition we are always pleased to customise rules should you have a favourite format used elsewhere or perhaps a new format you have thought up yourselves. Choose between 1½ hours or a half day.

The Missions

In order to provide a starting framework for your activities we have developed a number of game formats with easy to understand rules. In addition we are always pleased to customise rules should you have a favourite format used elsewhere or perhaps a new format you have thought up yourselves. Most games run for 20 to 30 mins.

‘Capture the Flag’ - completely natural, no buildings

Ideally for the beginner, here the wood used is 100 metres long and 40 metres wide, the idea of the game being that you have to get through the wood to the oppositions base and steal their flag and return successfully to your base. Resurrections are allowed, if you are eliminated within the first 5 to 10 minutes you wait at your base until you are resurrected.

Game ‘The Village’ contains look out towers, a tree house, small buildings, abandoned vehicles

Still capture the Flag but this time the area is 50 metres square and there is a base at each end, and you have to battle your way through village to capture the oppositions flag and return it to your base.

Game ‘Prisoner of War’ - with a prison built in the middle of the field

This wood is again 100 metres by 50 metres and each team starts from their own end, the idea of the game is to capture opposition team members and once caught they have to wait in the prison which is in the centre of the field, they can be tagged out of the prison by a fellow team member, and they are then allowed to re-enter the game from their respective end. After 30 minutes the team with the most prisoners wins.

Game ‘The General Game’ - our largest wood at 5 acres

This field is 200m by 100m, with fairly dense woodland. This game is very similar to Capture the Flag, but only your nominated General can take the flag, and thus they will need to be protected by the rest of the team. Resurrections rules apply.

Game ‘Attack and Defend the Castle' with castle, tunnels and trenches

This field is 40m by 50m and contains a large castle at one end with towers and battlements and is surrounded by a moat, plus there are also tunnels and trenches across the field. The idea of this game is that one team start inside the castle and the other team at the opposite end of the field; the attacking team must then attack the castle and steal the flag. This is an elimination game; so once shot you can take no further part in the game. Each game includes 1 go at attacking per team, with each part of the game being 10 to 15 mins.

We also have extensive experience in providing Corporate Days, which are renowned for team building benefits, with our solutions being tailored to your exacting needs. This combined with a shared experience at one of the many adjacent conference and leisure facilities can provide the ideal solution.